How To Be The Only One Who Doesn't Get Sick

Nobody likes being sick. It disrupts our flow and momentum in life. We get behind in work, household duties, commitments we've made, not to mention it can make us feel just plain lousy.

It always seems to happen at the worst time too, right before a deadline or a big family or work event.

The winter always seems to be the time of the year when it hits the worst too. A virus or bug can spread like a wave of wildfire through your office or home.

You see it coming, closing in on you.

You try to run, hide, drink EmergenC like its your job.

But its no use.

Eventually that inevitable scratchy throat, achy body, nausea or congestion hits and BOOM! You're out for the count, in bed, feeling miserable, thinking of all the people and things that need your attention and need to get done.

Well today I'm gonna share my #1 health secret to creating an almost bulletproof shield around yourself that can protect you from the evil germs and viruses that you feel helpless against.

It's not a magic pill or potion, or some supplement I'm trying to sell you.

It's called fermentation.

Wait! Don't stop reading.

I know what you're thinking. "It's too hard, complicated, messy, or a hassle to deal with."


"What the hell is fermentation?... Do you mean beer? Beer is fermented right?"

Yes beer is fermented, but that's not the kind of fermented food I'm recommending. And,

NO, IT'S NOT TOO HARD, COMPLICATED OR MESSY!!!... well, maybe a little messy.

What I'm referring to is HOMEMADE sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, kvass, and other easy yet powerful kinds of food- based medicine that can keep you and your family healthy all year long.

How do I know this? Because I'm living proof. Since I've added fermented foods to my diet on a daily basis I RARELY get sick. And the few times that I have over years since I've made my own fermented foods, it's been very minor and I get better in record time.

My older sister, her husband and daughter are also living proof. Over Christmas everyone went over to my younger sister's house for a celebration. My younger sister, her husband and daughter had all just barely gotten over a bug. After the family get together the rest of the family and extended family who were there got the bug... EXCEPT, my older sister, her husband and daughter. Everyone was wondering why they didn't catch it, but I know that Kier, my older sister, has followed a lot of my health advice in the past couple years including making homemade fermented foods.

But the key is that you have to make your own.

Why? The microorganisms on your body and in your environment are perfectly orchestrated and designed to help you fight off the pathogens and germs that are specific to you and your environment.

Microorganisms are brilliant and work synergistically with one another to keep each other in check and in balance.

BTW, you are made up of only 10% human cells. The rest of the cells that make up your body are not you, they are bacteria, yeast, and other microorganisms.

Yuck, right! Actually you should learn to love these little guys because they do SOOOOOO MUCH FOR YOU!

- They help you breakdown, digest and assimilate your food.

- They create all kinds of amazing chemistry in your body like 80%

your serotonin, the "happiness" neurotransmitter.

- They are responsible for 70-80% of the body's immune system.

I want to demystify fermentation and show you how easy, quick and fun it can be to make your own, so I created this short video demo that shows you how to make sauerkraut in 10 minutes!

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"But I don't like sauerkraut!"

I am going to challenge you on this one. Nine out of ten people who say this have never had homemade sauerkraut, or they're going off their 10-year-old taste buds.

When people try my sauerkraut they almost always say, "Wow, that's pretty good, I could eat that!"

When you make it at home, you get to decide how 'sauerkraut-y' the flavor and how to season it. The longer you ferment, the deeper and richer that flavor. If you want a lighter fermented flavor, just ferment it for 3 days. Plus, you only need about 1 tablespoon per meal, 1-3 times a day.

Realistically, I eat it only once or twice per day and that seems to do the trick.

So what do you think? Have I convinced you to try it?

Once you do, you'll be hooked like me, and who knows, if you have kids maybe they will too! I have found that kids LOVE making it. It's kinda like playing in the mud, they get to play with their food and get their hands dirty while doing something great for their health.

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To Your Happy, Healthy Gut,

and NO MORE SICK DAYS, except the ones you take for FUN!

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