How To Achieve Your Dreams While You're Dreaming

I love dreams, they fascinate me.

I even did my middle school science project on dreams, which was very challenging, but extremely interesting to bring the dream world (subconscious, paradoxical right brain) into a scIentific context (conscious, analytical, logical left brain).

Last night I remembered a dream. It was not one of those dreams that was very long or eventful, but an important message came through for me, which I'll reveal in a minute.

Messages To and From Your Self

I've really gotten into the habit of recording my dreams first thing in the morning. The main reason I do this is because when we’re sleeping, our body rests, our conscious mind rests, but our subconscious mind is still running or rather dreaming...

This part of us is so rich with insights, information and guidance. It’s also less limited by our perceived reality which is why we can do things in our dreams (i.e. flying) that we cannot do, or believe we cannot do, in real life. It’s often challenging, but not impossible, to access this dreamy state when we are awake or in a high brainwave frequency such as beta, which is what most of us live in during our waking hours.

So I practice bringing my dreams into conscious awareness for the purpose of accessing the messages my subconscious may be trying to communicate to me.

Now this is different than dream interpretation, well sort of… I’m not necessarily interpreting the events, symbols or other components to the dream by looking at them directly or finding them in a dream dictionary or some other external resource. I am recalling the events, people, dialogue, and scenery of the dream and as I do so, the thing I pay close attention to is the emotions, energy or feeling tone of how I react or respond to them.

This is where the message lies.

Dreams speak to us in symbolism, yes, but that symbolism is there to evoke an individualized response in you that gives you a unique message or guidance. This makes the components of a dream very personal in their interpretation. If somebody had the exact same dream I had, it would be giving them a different message than it was giving me because it would evoke a different emotion or feeling tone within them based on their personal life experiences, beliefs and perceived identity.

Dreaming Your Dreams Into Being

So why I am going on and on about this?

Well, this is a POWERFUL tool for us to use in any area of our life that we are wanting to improve. And in fact, we can use this same tool in our waking life because there are messages our subconscious is giving us all the time that can guide us in our lives and in achieving our goals and dreams.

The way we experience and respond to the events in our dreams and in our lives, the things that happen to us, the people we interact with, the places we go all evoke an emotion or feeling tone within us that is our internal guidance.

The trick to doing this lies in shifting our point of view, by standing outside of yourself for a moment and looking at what life has brought you from a nonattached perspective.

I’m not saying this is easy, but its a very simple and subtle approach and you can learn how to do it

The easiest way is to start by practicing with your dreams because we don't look at dreams as reality. We automatically have a non-attached point of view about what happens to us and what we do in our dreams.

** Example... if I rob a bank in my dreams, I don't then see myself as or believe that I am a bank robbing thief. **

And when you start practicing this ability to shift and switch your point of view in your real, waking life (although its debatable which is the real life...), you will be amazed at the guidance you receive to help you achieve your dreams, become the person you want to be and create your life on purpose. This is when things get fun!

Reinvent Yourself

Which brings me back to the message I received in my dream last night...

I was visiting with different people who went to high school with me, and what I noticed was how different they were from the people I viewed them to be in high school. All the judgments and stereotypes I had placed upon them were completely negated. They had become different people entirely, some better off, some worse.

The message I got from that was a reminder to me that we are not so fixed as we think we are. We each have the ability to recreate ourselves over and over again if we choose... just like Madonna. =)

Now sometimes this happens by accident because of major life events that almost force us to change (i.e. cancer diagnosis, divorce, death of loved one etc). But even then we have the ability to conscious choose how we respond.

The MAGIC happens in our lives when we are aware of this ability to change or recreate who we are being in the world, even down to our personality.

This is true empowerment, and stepping into this power is when life starts getting fun. You become the creator of your own personal reality, personality, which effects everything around you for the better.

So pay attention to when you tell yourself things like, “This is just the way I am. This is who I am. This is how I’ve always been. I can’t change that. That’s my personality.” Because you are lying to yourself when you say this, and worse, you are handing over your power to someone or something else.

So I encourage you to practice using your dreams to achieve your dreams. It's a fascinating and fun way to discover the rich, depth of wisdom that lies within you that only YOU have access to.

Sweet Dreaming,

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