Free Yoga!

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Free Yoga!

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New Park Location

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We believe in the healing, transformative, and rejuvenate power of yoga.

We believe yoga should be freely available.

We believe in the energizing, nourishing, and replenishing power of nature.

And when you add all three together,  

it's a pretty amazing experience.


What could be better than that?

Yoga classes are taught to the level and experience of the students.  


Show up, tell us where you are, and we will lead you in a practice suited to your needs and goals.

Class styles include:

- Bikram series postures

- Vinyasa Flow

- Yin Yoga and Massage

- Daoist Energy Flow

- Kundalini

- and whatever else we feel inspired to teach and share with you...!

Energy Exchange


Pop-Up Yoga In the Park is made possible with your support.  


If you love what we are doing...

If it feeds your mind, body and/or spirit..


Please help feed our project and keep the energy exchange going by donating any amount.  

See You In the Park!

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