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I’ve had a passion for both music and health from a very young age.  In fact, my parents met at a health food store! My two sisters and I grew up singing and dancing every chance we could get.  Music was always a place we could have fun, be creative and express ourselves.   

At age 8, my life was completely uprooted and turned on it's head.  My mother suffered from bipolar disorder and on New Year's Eve 1990 she committed suicide.  My sisters and I suddenly had to leave our entire life and move to Ohio so that my dad's family could help to raise us.


The shock of my mother dying caused me to shut down.  All the sudden life became a serious struggle, I became shy, numb and emotionless.  I tried to control my life by becoming a perfectionist in an effort to please everyone around me so that just maybe they wouldn’t leave me too.   Music, I found, was the only place I could retreat in order to come out of this heavy fog.  As I reflect back, I see how much it helped me through those times.  

My passion for music continued into college where I studied classical voice, contemporary music and songwriting. But during and after college my perfectionistic drive coupled with the critical demands of music school and the industry became extremely tough and very stressful for me.  


My mental and physical health took a toll after years of living a musician’s late-night lifestyle and struggling with obsessive behaviors with food and exercise in an attempt to hang onto the perfect body I thought family, society and my career required of me to be worthy.  All the sudden I realized how depressed and depleted I had become.  Music was no longer bringing me the retreat and joy it used to.  I needed help.

I had no choice but to seek understanding and answers that could heal my body and mind, and perhaps bring that spark of joy back into my life, so I decided to let go of music for a while and go back to my roots of health and wellness from a new perspective.  


Through my own healing, I began to see how much not only our diet and lifestyle, but our mindset and beliefs affect our quality of life and how most people are running around in a fog of overwhelming stress, anxiety and pain, never feeling like they are enough.  Our minds become so heavy with this fear, tension, stress, and our bodies often reflect that.  We spend so much of our energy just trying to breathe under this heavy blanket of pressure and expectation, we're forced to find ways to hide, cope and numb out along the way. 


What I discovered as I read through countless books, attended courses, workshops and trainings was that most of my challenges stemmed from the fact that I was completely ignoring the most precious resource I had available to me... the wisdom of my body, the power of my mind and the guidance of my spirit.  I was looking outside of myself for answers, approval and direction.  

As I explored yoga, nutrition and transformational coaching I began to see and understand how the body, mind and spirit work together as a whole system, each one helping the other.  When we begin to allow these three parts of us to come into balance, doing what each does best... MAGIC happens.  The whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.  The war within stops.  The dissonance becomes harmony.  We unlock our innate capacity to heal.  It is from this place that our lives begin to unfold with grace, joy and ease.  

​Through this journey I was able to return to music from a different place.  I began writing and creating music and intentionally using it as a tool for healing and transformation.  Music, sound and rhythm have been used in some of the most ancient healing rituals.  When used in the right way, they have the power to shift our physical, mental and emotional state and vibration into one that promotes and sustains life. 


In my work with clients I use the power of music and sound along with the tools I’ve acquired along the way that led me back home to music (yoga, nutrition and transformational coaching).  


I decided to make this my business and full-time focus because I want to create positive change in the way women experience their bodies (no more shame), use their minds, and connect to their spirits. I wanted to do this in a way that is constantly evolving, has no ceiling, no boundaries and no limitations.


My mission is to create a new paradigm of what it means to be a woman, to be an embodiment of divine wisdom and to know that is who and what we are at our core. I help women create and sustain the most healthy, vibrant, high vibe vessel possible that allows them to be who they came here to be.


This is my deepest passion in life. I am wholeheartedly committed to my work and find such fulfillment in helping others navigate themselves towards greater balance, connection, peace and a better quality of life.


My favorite clients are women who are so fed up with trying to reach their health, weight and energy goals on the physical, mundane, grit your teeth, never-ending struggle, never good enough level and are ready to try a different approach.  These women realize that approach DOES NOT WORK AND IS NO LONGER FUN!  They are ready to unlock the innate health and wisdom of their body, double their energy, find peace of mind and discover joy in their lives once again. 


Because life is too short. 


Because we are powerful beyond measure.


It’s time to come out from under this suffocating blanket of stress, struggle and overwhelm.  


It's time to stop hiding. 


It’s time to stop feeling like we aren’t enough, and start being the beautiful, strong, powerful women we came here to be.  


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Training and Education


The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York City

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


Holistic MBA, Transformational Coaching Method

Certified Master Transformational Coach


Cincinnati Yoga School, Cincinnati, Ohio

500-hour Elemental Yoga Training Certification


Berklee College of Music, Boston, Massachusetts

Vocal Performance/Songwriting


Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, Cincinnati, Ohio

Bachelor of Music, Vocal Performance



Stress and Anxiety Relief

Energy Transformation

Mind/Body Balance

Balance Your Weight

Sound Healing

Digestive Wellness

Creativity & Intuition