Meet Cherstin

I work with women who are SO FREAKING DONE with diets and deprivation, calorie counting and extreme exercising… women who are ready to transform their relationship to food and to their body once and for all. 


Learn how to unlock the innate wisdom of YOUR unique body so you can become your own health expert, ditch the diets, find peace with food and love your body...


Yes, it is possible.

Become Your Own Health Guru.

Heal Your Body.

Master Your Mind.

Connect to Your Spirit.


Become Your Own Health Guru

The Gaia Code

Are you confused about what foods or exercise your body needs?  

Do you know what foods are healthy for you, but you still can't get yourself to eat them consistently?

I can help.

Here's what people are saying...

“I truly don’t know where I would be without Cherstin’s guidance.  She taught me how to really listen to my body, allowing me to recognize my unique wisdom and physical cues that stabilized my weight, decreased my anxiety and gave me more confidence to deal with whatever life throws me..."  

"Music is the language of the spirit."

Sound and music are potent tools for transformation and healing.  It has the power to instantly effect our mental, emotional and physical states because it speaks directly to the heart and spirit.  True health comes when we have health of mind, body and spirit. 

As a trained musician, Cherstin teaches her clients how to use the voice as a tool to heal their body, release stress and find peace of mind through all of life's ups and downs.